Human-Interest Stories Bring To Light The Good In People

WOW! Women On Writing Blogs: The Hunt for a Great Human-Interest Story I commend you for writing this amazing human-interest story. It is heart wrenching when watching the news the majority of what we see and hear is negative. But reading your article is like a breath of fresh air. It is so important that we do not lose sight of the human touch that makes a difference in this world. Congratulations on your dedication to writing! I have put this blog  in my favorites because whenever I get writer’s block I know I can get some inspiration from your site. The best of luck. Bill Browning Family Photo I wrote a human-interest profile article on Bill Browning: Coach, Family Man and Devoted Christian.  Coach Browning is a mentor and an inspiration to many people. As a Coach, he mentors his athletes and is a role model to them by guiding and giving direction when needed. He has truly made a difference in so many peoples’ lives. You can read the article at



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